Eli the Adventurer #2

Today is part 2 of the Eli Adventure series. Today was a little different than normal. We went out to my friend’s 92 acre property to check it out and do a photoshoot. We actually spent most of the time hauling scotchbroom and burning them to help clear out the land. At first we shot a few frames of just Eli with the landscape in the background. Those turned out pretty well, so we kind of stopped there.

The real magic happened when we stopped shooting. Eli’s father held him because Eli was getting tired and sleepy. I was just about to put my lights away when he asked if he could have a few shots with Eli. I said, “Of course!” I had them stand in front of the bonfire so it was slightly out of focus, and dialed my exposure in to make sure it was slightly underexposed. I managed to catch a moment where he was looking down at Eli, and it was such a powerful moment. The expression on his face towards Eli shows so much about their relationship: love and protection. This is by far my favorite photo from the shoot:

  1. Gene posted the following on May 6, 2011 at 12:44 am.

    Awesome pic. But Lloyd in the back just cracks us up! Senor can you move? We are trying to take a picture! Gracias!

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